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Seaview Pharmacy | Vaccination


At Seaview Pharmacy, all of our pharmacists are trained vaccinators. You do not require a doctor’s prescription for these vaccinations.
Sea View Pharmacy Services


Compounding is the science of creating patient customised medication. Pharmaceutically compounded medicines are created by combining specific ingredients in the exact strength and dosage form required by a patient’s unique needs.

Sea View Pharmacy Services

NDSS Access Point

Seaview Pharmacy is a registered NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) access point. The NDSS is an initiative of the Australian Government and is administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.

Seaview Pharmacy | Dose Administration Aids

Dose Administration Aids

Dose Administration Aids (DAA’s) help organise your medicines into special, easy to use weekly packs. They ensure you take the right pills, at the right time, on the right day. 
Seaview Pharmacy | Sleep Apnoea


We offer a free medicine home delivery service in the local area. We know at times it may be difficult for customers to access our pharmacy so a simple phone call or email

Seaview Pharmacy | Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

At Seaview Pharmacy we provide a free blood pressure measuring service. Our machines measure both your blood pressure and your heart rate and can also detect an irregular heart-beat if it exists.

Seaview Pharmacy | Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Scheme

Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Scheme

Unwanted or expired medicines left lying around at home can create a potential health risk. People are often unsure how to dispose of medicines correctly.

Seaview Pharmacy | Sleep Apnoea

Staged Supply

The service is particularly targeted to patients who are unable to manage their medicines safely, patients with a mental illness or patients with a drug dependency.

Seaview Pharmacy | Blood Pressure Monitoring

Absence from Work Certificates

We provide absence from work certificates and carers leave certificates. This means we can help when you or someone you care for requires proof of a legitimate absence from work.

Seaview Pharmacy | Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Scheme

Script Holding

At Seaview Pharmacy we can store your prescriptions in a secure area of the pharmacy where they are kept all together and in one spot.

About Seaview Pharmacy

We are independently owned and operated pharmacy in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Beaumaris. It has been owned and operated by Paul and Eva Krassaris since 2000. In 2015 we moved into a larger site situated in the heart of the Seaview shopping strip, creating a health hub for our community.


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